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The Skinny

Let’s face it, the target demographic for the geekier stuff of the world is men. That’s a damn shame, too. Geek girls exist.

Feminine Miss Geek is for all the lady geeks, nerds, and dorks. Stuff we want, stuff we want to say, and stuff we want to know.

The Bloggers

Bex Veverka [beks veh-vurr-kah]

– noun
1. bex: a female given name, form of Rebecca. veverka: Czech in origin, meaning squirrel.
2. a woman who enjoys crafting, illustration, writing, and watching movies.
3. a college student majoring in science education.
4. editor/administrator of the Feminine Miss Geek

1980; Cleveland, Ohio

Greengeekgirl fills the void that is waking by gaming, watching
television, reading, cooking, petting her cats, and writing blogs.
When these things fail to satisfy her, she experiments with being
married and going out into the real world, often in search of snacks.

When medicated, greengeekgirl is not a danger to herself or others.
Should you encounter her in an unmedicated state, back away slowly and
without panicking while maintaining eye contact.  An offering of Pepsi
may be appropriate and helpful.


Scandalous Candice is a walking testament to the fact that intelligence provides no security in the face of bad decision making.

When not writing in third person, she enjoys sipping exotic teas and traveling across the NJ state border to make trouble with her Brooklyn boy.  One day, she will study law and reform the US health care system, but for now she’s busy pondering suffering and the human condition and who is going to get eliminated this week on Bravo’s Work of Art.

Why do you keep talking about Tampon Commercials?

That’s our code word for the Sparkly Vampire Franchise That Shall Not Be Named.

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