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Mink, The Makeup Printer

May 8, 2014

3D printing is pretty hot right now, and we’ve all seen the awesome toys and gadgets that have been made with this technology. But imagine 3D printing eyeshadow, lipstick, and foundations in a variety of colors, right from your home computer, using an eyedropper tool! Meet Mink.

Mink uses FDA approved substrates, as well as inks like those found in inkjet printers. Just plug in a hex color code, select your makeup type, and boom. Instant makeup in the color you want! Imagine printing foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone! A variety of colors to experiment with! All without a trip to the drug store or Sephora. Yeeeah… if this takes off, the beauty industry will not be pleased. But with a $300 price tag for the printing unit, makeup aficionados will be delighted.

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