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Empire’s X-Men: Days of Future Past Covers

January 27, 2014

All day today, Empire Magazine is going to reveal all 25 covers of their special X-Men issue. Check out a few below, with my thoughts and quibbles!

Magneto: Eh. Not much to say. He’s Magneto. The chest piece looks a bit thick and awkward, but it takes place in the 70’s, so I’ll allow it.

Mystique: Every other article about these covers seems to headline with “Jennifer Lawrence Nude!” Anyways, I don’t think her hips really look like that, do they?

Quicksilver: This costume seems to be getting a lot of hate, but everyone looks a bit cheesy on these covers. I love Pietro. And this costume? It’s awful in the way all 70’s fashion was awful. I don’t hate it.

Sentinel: Speaking of the 70’s, this looks more Pacific Rim than 70’s futurism. I think it should be a little more blocky and bulky, I guess.

Toad: Evan Jonigkeit is the new Toad and… I kind of like this more than the original.

Trask: Couldn’t they have cropped Peter Dinklage as Trask a little bit? He’s pulling a Mike Wazowski there.

Follow @EmpireMagazine or the hashtag #Empire25 on Twitter for more, along with Havok and Stryker, and whoever else will be revealed as the day goes on!

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