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Geeky Girl Gift Guide: Miniverse Solar System Bracelet

December 17, 2013

MiniVerse Solar System Bracelet – Proportional Distances Measured in Beads – $24.50

Hooray! Our Solar System Jewelry series has been featured by The Planetary Society, MAKE: NASA, and NPR’s Science Friday!

You are Here!
A beaded bracelet demonstrating the relative distances between the planet orbits in our Solar System.

Distances between planet orbits are proportionally accurate, with each tiny black glass bead loosely approximating ~40 million miles / ~64 million kilometers of Space.

A wearable version of an astrometric chart, with stone, glass, and shell beads representing the Sun and Planets, this Solar System Bracelet is a decorative cosmogram, inspiring thoughts of the vastness of Space.

Planets and Sun are enlarged for dramatic emphasis*.

This bracelet includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth & our Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Planets with many moons have opalescent glass beads next to them on the bracelet.

*Not for use in actual Space Navigation

Make sure you check out the rest of Chain of Being for even more space and science themed jewelry!

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