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Bill Nye the Dancing Guy

September 4, 2013

 News broke today that everyone’s favorite Science Guy, Bill Nye, has joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars!

My mother and I finally have something in common. I think she secretly gets jealous when my Dad and I gush about Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead.

Here’s what Bill had to say of the announcement:

Dear Fellow Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

Something remarkable has come up. I’ve been cast as a “star” onDancing With The Stars here in the US. (For our British readers, it’s a very similar format to yourStrictly Come Dancing.)

In order for us to carry out our mission to get the world – our world – excited about and supportive of space exploration, we need to engage people everywhere. The show is watched by millions. I’ll be there as your CEO of The Planetary Society and a student of Carl Sagan. Buzz Aldrin appeared on this show three years ago.

I’ll be fighting decades of bad posture, which may prove my undoing. But of course, I’m a competitive guy; I am in this to win. It will be a personal exploration; whenever we explore we make discoveries (like how to stand up straight at last), and we have an adventure. As unusual as this may seem, I believe we can broaden awareness of the Society and thereby humankind’s exploration of the Cosmos one ballroom dance at a time. Here’s hoping you’ll tune in.

-Bill Nye CEO

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