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Random Picture Dump: Pepper Potts, 2 Kaidans, and Another Relevant Thing.

April 25, 2013

I’ve come across three pics I have to share today, and eventually I’ll get back to writing actual articles. But until then…

Gwyneth Paltrow in a stunning white gown at the Iron Man 3 Premiere

Check out Ms. Potts at the Iron Man 3 premiere!

So Tom and Lorenzo are torn on this dress. From the side, it shows off a LOT of leg from the side. But if you ask me, if anyone can get away with showing that much leg and still be this classy, it’s Gwyneth “Holly Holiday” Paltrow. I always look forward to what she wears at the Oscars, and she never fails to do something daring with her style… though not always successfully. But this? Work it, girl.

Moving on! Where mah Kaidan fans at?

Luciano Costa, the face model for Mass Effect dreamboat Kaidan Alenko, posted this pic to his Tumblr today. That’s Luciano to the left, and to the right is Raphael Sbarge, the voice actor for Mass Effect dreamboat Kaidan Alenko. This is the first time they’ve met, and according to Luciano:

Had a great time chatting with Raphael this afternoon. It was a pleasure meeting this kind-hearted man and exchanging notes on our ME experience. Check out his grassroots non-profit organization that helps fund L.A.’s green projects  —

I can’t even-… I’m fangirling all over my desk, I can’t handle the awesome.

And finally, do you know what today is?

Have a great date, everybody!!

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