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A Darmatic Redding of Doneky Kong Youtube Commentz

April 5, 2013

Remember when that cool dad decided to personalize Donkey Kong for his three-year-old daughter by making Pauline the hero? The internet reacted in its usual way. Thankfully, a bunch of funny funny people came together to find the humor in what would normally make me curl up in a corner and weep. Enjoy! (Offensive language warning!)

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  1. October 30, 2013 9:03 pm

    A comedian I follow on twitter (I believe it either was or was retweeted by Eugene Mirman) once tweeted that if you ever hear someone making a racist joke, you should just say, as honestly as you can muster, “I don’t get it” and let them try to explain why it’s funny.

    That may have just found some competition for best way to respond to ignorance…

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