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Michonne of the Dead

July 9, 2012

Quick! Name ten strong, women of color on TV! Time’s up! How many did you get? Yeeeeah. Me too. But next season of the Walking Dead we can add the awesome Michonne.

Now I didn’t read far enough into the comics for Michonne’s appearance, but she is a fan favorite. We got a glimpse of the character (played by a stand-in) last season, leading along two zombies on chains with arms and jaws removed. I can’t wait to see her in action, especially since the women on the show have largely been incompetent and petulant, while the black characters have been utterly forgettable. Granted, the white menfolk haven’t been all that much better, but they do have more checks in the “capable bad-ass” category. Daryl gets four checks all on his own.

This weekend we finally saw Danai Gurira in the role of Michonne in this preview of the Walking Dead’s Season 3. Gore warning!

There’s more info and pics of Season 3 at AMC’s website. The Walking Dead returns in October.

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