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The Union of Superlative Heroes (and Villains), the Book!

August 8, 2011

I got an email today  from the uber-talented Chet Phillips, whose art we admired here back in December. His re-imaginings of modern comic book characters as Victorian steampunk heroes was pretty awesome, but now those heroes, along with a few villains, are the subjects in his new book.

This is some of the most fascinating and creative binding I’ve seen in awhile. One side is heroes, the other side is villains. There’s beautiful art and backstories, but also short stories featuring Chet’s re-imagined characters.

The book includes portraits and biographies of Marquis Le Bat, Stupendous Gent, Arachno Kid, Lord Wolverton, Daring Diablo, Major Marvelous, Duchesse La Bat, The Purple Jester, SCORN, Lily Nightshade, King Congo, Boss Plaid, Baron Paradox, Count Telsakoff plus 34 more! Among the 12 episodes include “The Perilous Visit,” “Jack and the Bat,” “Night of the Ghoul,” “Double Trouble” and “The Brooklyn Bridge Brawl.”

Yes, I like dinosaurs. There’s even two pages of era-appropriate advertisements.

The book can be purchased from Etsy for a very reasonable $45.00 for the quality of book you’ll get. The original trading cards and prints also still available for purchase.

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