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The new pic of Catwoman where you don’t see much Catwoman

August 5, 2011

Hey, here’s a motorcycle. With Anne Hathaway as Catwoman on it, apparently. I’d comment more on the costume, but there’s a damn motorcycle in the way. She should also really be wearing a helmet, not goggles that are so black that I can’t make out any detail on and thusly am unable to properly comment on. Yeah.

Via Entertainment Weekly, or as Doug Benson calls it, “Ew.”

UPDATE: So the incredibly awesome Ann Lemay was kind enough to point me to a high-res version of the above pic, which can be found here. Now we can study some of the details a bit better. Here’s my thoughts.

  • A million thumbs up for the fact she is not wearing heels.
  • I don’t hate the goggles, but I’m not wild about them, either. They could be more cat-like, maybe with some details that suggest her iconic cat ears a bit more.
  • More honeycomb textures.
  • The costume, from what I can tell, doesn’t appear to be ridiculously skintight. The material actually looks pretty heavy duty, like this is what a person in the real world would be wearing on a motorcycle.
  • Really digging the hair and makeup, seems like a nod to Julie Newmar.

I said in Twitter that it’s a good thing that we get to see this woman in action, rather than posing coyly for the camera, so already the way that she is being presented is awesome. I just wish we had a better angle to see the costume.

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