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Video Games are Good for Girls. Science!

February 3, 2011

Photo by Vineus

Video games are always getting a bad rap. It’s blamed for aggressive behavior, depression, attention problems, a whole mess of other things. But according to a new study by Brigham Young University, video games can be very good for the social behavior of girls. But only if certain parameters are met. As always, it all comes down to the parents.

The study states that girls ages 11 to 16 improved in areas of cooperation, kindness, and helpfulness only if they played with their parents. Boys’ behavior remained the same with or without parental involvement.

Part of this might have to do with the kinds of games the children were choosing to play. The boys more often played competitive games like Call of Duty while the girls played cooperative games like Rock Band. I’d like to see another study where both boys and girls played cooperative games.

But back to the parents, it’s up to them to have a knowledge of game content and choose accordingly. It’s also important to get involved. Go shoot some zombies with your kid.

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