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Fantastic 3 Spoiler Post

January 25, 2011

Which of the Fantastic Four dies?

I was going to title this Human Torch Extinguished, which is hella clever if I do say so myself. But I’ll be nice.

Sadly, one of the two interesting characters in FF, Johnny Storm, is going to “die heroically,” leaving us all pretty pissed that Mr. Fantastic is allowed to live and continue to be boring. But I guess this clears the way for Chris Evans to keep on playing Captain America. At least until they eventually resurrect him.

Me? I think it would be far more interesting story-wise to kill off Sue, as she is much more closely connected with each member of the team than anyone else, but then there wouldn’t be boobs to put on the cover, so don’t listen to me.

Look for Gimmicktastic Fantastic Four #587 tomorrow in a special black bag to prevent peeking.

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