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Wizard Magazine folds and adapts

January 24, 2011

Earlier today, Twitter was abuzz with the news from Bleeding Cool that comics magazine Wizard was suddenly shutting down and firing all it’s employees. I thought it a bit odd, and while I waited for official news from Wizard, I popped over to their website and clicked the subscriptions link.


It looks like the reports are accurate! Wizard World Inc. dropped a press release into the mess.

Wizard Entertainment is ceasing publication of the print magazines Wizard and ToyFare.  Wizard World, Inc. will begin production of the online publication “Wizard World” beginning in February.   We feel this will allow us to reach an even wider audience in a format that is increasingly popular and more readily accessible.

The company going public, and is ceasing all print productions to focus on comic convention tours and web site content.

Wizard World plans to launch in February 2011 an all-new digital magazine called ‘Wizard World’ that will appeal to pop-culture fans, the same audience to which Mr. Shamus has catered to, for over 20 years. Wizard World digital magazine will provide coverage of the world of comic books, toys and superheroes, and the personalities behind them.

“This is a very exciting day for Wizard World and the industries it serves,” said Shamus. “Having the Tour produced by a public company provides additional opportunities to expand and grow the Tour. The new digital magazine Wizard World will give consumers the content they want in a magazine format with which they are familiar, but distributed in a form that is always available at any time on any device. It is a natural evolution for us in this market.”

Wizard World Comic Con will begin its North American tour at New Orleans Comic Con held from January 29 to 30, 2011. The full event schedule can be found at

I admit to not having read Wizard for over 10 years, but I do have happy memories of decorating notebook covers with images from the magazine back in high school. I couldn’t tell you where the magazine’s quality is these days, but from what I hear, it’s been lacking for some time. Hopefully, Wizard will go the way of Cracked, generating much higher quality content online than they ever did in print.

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  1. Encrazed Crafts permalink
    January 25, 2011 1:07 am

    Wow. Not so surprised to see a paper mag close, but the lack of warning and sudden firing is pretty cold at best. I gotta let muh’ Pops know, he used to get them really often when he was collecting Amazing Spiderman. Pre-Clone/Scarlet Spider bs, of course. (Though Scarlet Spidey did look awesome ^_^)

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