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Meanwhile, at Fox Studios…

January 19, 2011

Fox Exec: Shit! Shit!! The nerds don’t like the X-Men pic we put out there! Quick, take it down!!

Fox Exec: What do you MEAN it’s still out there?? WE TOOK IT OFF THE INTERNET!! SHIT!

Fox Exec: QUICK! Throw some new pictures out there, now, NOW!!

James McAvoy gives good eyebrow.

So close to Hamm and Bacon and yet... so far.

And this happens. Some more.

Nerds: Meh.

Anyhow, according to the LA Times, the movie does in fact take place in the same continuity as the last films and is in fact a prequel. So figure that out. Me, I’m going to go spend some alone time with these Cap pics.

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