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Cloned Japanese Mammoths from the Future!

January 18, 2011

Pictured: Your backyard in 5 years

Like something out of a fuzzier version of Jurassic Park, scientists at the Kyoto University in Japan have announced plans to resurrect the woolly mammoth within five  years.

After 10,000 years of mysterious extinction, skin and muscle tissue from a frozen mammoth found could provide the DNA necessary for cloning, thanks to a new technique to recover DNA from frozen tissue. Scientists plan to insert the nuclei of mammoths into the egg cells of an African elephant, then plant the resulting embryo into a surrogate elephant’s womb. The DNA of the woolly mammoth and the African elephant are 98.55% to 99.4% identical.

Elephants typically have a two-year gestation period, and it’ll take two years for a viable mammoth embryo to be prepared.

Nothing has actually been started on this project, it appears. The scientists are in the process of securing the perfect DNA before the work can really begin. Me, I’m all for it, especially if we humans were the ones who caused their extinction in the first place, which is a popular theory.

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