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Fear the Marvel Event.

December 21, 2010

Marvel is in the midst of announcing the next big crossover event, titled, Fear Itself. What’s it all about? Have a few tasty sound bytes from Comic Book Resources:

[VP – Executive Editor Axel Alsono says]  Fear Itself is “an extinction-level event… It’s a major event that involves everyone–expect major participation from X-Men, from Dracula … and alliances you wouldn’t have expected.”

[VP – Executive Editor TOM Brevoort says] “There is a concealed act at the center of the Marvel universe that was committed a number of years ago, and it will change everything. And that, in essence, is what Fear Itself is all about.”

Brevoort acknowledged that fans had asked for a break from big events and Marvel largely took the last year off, but is now returning with a story “as ambitious as Civil War. ” The series itself will be 7-issues, and Ed Brubaker will be writing a prelude with Cap and Namor, with a title to be named later.

The map of time seen in Secret Avengers is “a little bit of a Rosetta Stone,” Brevoort said. “It won’t be easy, but if you figure it out you can lord it over the guy next to you.”

The first issue of Fear Itself will be about 45 pages, and the final issue will probably also be oversized. The price point is expected to be $3.99.

I admittedly haven’t been keeping up with the Marvel books, but there seem to be some interesting images and videos at the event. And the price is right to make it worth checking out. Any predictions?

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