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Top 10 Geeky Holiday Stockings

December 13, 2010

Technically 11, if you count this.

Continuing our Holiday Top Tens, we move from wrapping paper to stockings. As in holiday stockings. It’s important to make that distinction when you do a Google image search. Ahem.

Holiday stockings are an important part of Christmas, because Mom and Dad Santa doesn’t want to have to wrap pencils and yo-yos. But you can’t just get your geek spawn any little stocking, oh no. Stocking selection is key. If you need something a bit more nerdy, why not try…

#10. Star Trek Enterprise Stocking

Myself, I am not a Star Trek expert, so I don’t know if they’ve ever had a Christmas special. Or if Christmas still exists that far in the future. But I really dig this stocking design. From Big Bad Toy Store.

#9. Robot Stocking

Robots want some Christmas love, too. I am all about buying handmade for the holidays, and this bot stocking comes from Etsy seller My Imaginary Boyfriend.

#8. Batman Stocking

It’s actually quite interesting to have a Batman stocking, because Batman hates Christmas. Why? HIS PARENTS ARE DEEEEEAAADDDD!!

#7. Darth Vader Stocking

Vader, on the other hand, loves Christmas. This version talks! There’s also a Yoda version that is equally awesome.

#6. Zombie Santa Stocking

Looks like the zombie apocalypse made it all the way to the North Pole! More Etsy awesomeness, this time from Tangled Web.

#5. Hulk Stocking

Hulk, please don’t smash my stocking. There’s Pocky in there, come on, man.

#4. Dragon Foot Stocking

Crafty Robot has a variety of creature stockings in a variety of colors. The pink claws on the one above made it a winner for me.

#3. Binary Stocking Pattern

This one is for you nerdy knitters. The pattern for the stocking is what you can buy, and while I have no idea what the binary spells out, I’m sure you can adjust the pattern to say anything you want.

#2. DIY Mario Goomba Stocking

Another DIY Project, but all this one  needs is felt and glue. Check out Instructables for step by step instructions.

#1. Cthulu Stocking

He’ll eat your soul covered in red and green sprinkles and with a side of eggnog. From Warehouse 23.


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