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Top 10 Geeky Holiday Wrapping Paper

December 7, 2010

Happiest of holidays to all!

The gift giving season is upon us, my fellow nerds. And if you’re lucky enough to have nerdy friends to give gifts to, it’s not enough to just get them that latest awesome gadget, oh no. You need geeky wrapping paper.

Here are our top 10 favorites found around the internets.




#10. BaconEverything is better wrapped in bacon. Might make for an awkward Hanukkah gift, though… Find it at Amazon here.

#9. Zombies

Zombies give brains for Christmas. Green zombies plus red bows equals festive holiday colors! From ThinkGeek.

#8. The Dark Knight Christmas

Hard to find, but it might just be worth is to get the Dark Knight wrapping paper with the Joker and Harvey Dent. Because when I think Baby Jesus, I think the Goddamn Batman.

#7. WOWrapping Paper: For the Horde!!

Sure, there’s an Alliance version in blue, too. From J!nx.

#6. Spider-Man Christmas Paper

Horrible picture, I know. But if you look very closely, you can just make out snowflakes on the green background. While Spidey himself isn’t doing anything holiday related, I say this counts as Christmas wrapping paper.

#5. ChristmasBots

Snowbots? Awsome. Simple and adorable robot wrapping paper. Via ThinkGeek.

#4. Festive Daleks

Since the Daleks seem to come in many different colorful flavors these days, why not have the most festive ones on your wrapping paper? From MerryPranxter.

#3. Festive Space Invaders

MerryPranxter strikes again, this time from space. Space Invaders colored in the all important red, green and white make another fun video game wrapping paper.

#2. Futurama Santa

Santa Claus is gunning you down! Yet another from MerryPranxter.

#1. QRapping Paper

Says the retailer: “Even terrible gifts are worth opening when they’re wrapped in QRAPPING PAPER™ the world’s most interactive wrapping paper. Behind each QR code is an original holiday video that can’t be seen anywhere else. Over 50 in all, turning any gift into a tiny holiday film festival.”

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