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Spider-man Musical on 60 Minutes

November 29, 2010

Do the flying and web-swinging effects look cool? Yes. But chocolate covered shit is still shit. The music sounds lame, the costumes are horrible, the dancing is insulting, and it looks like they’re going with Emo Flavored Peter Parker.

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  1. Encrazed Crafts permalink
    November 29, 2010 9:04 pm

    The best thing I can say, is that I *hope* it works out for them. And I sorta hope they have a dvd thing you can rent to see what the show is like. I know I won’t go to New York or where ever and see it, but also in case this doesn’t last long, it would be nice to see all their hard work culminate on my TV, at least. Also, nifty that the chick they brought in was from Across the Universe. My dad is a huge, huge fan of The Beatles and Spider-Man, so again, it would be nice to see what she dreamt up come alive in person.

    She has quite a talent for dreaming up fantastical vistas. I hope enough people continue to flock in to keep the boat afloat. There is no such thing in show business as “too big to fail.” Unless you are the longest running cartoon series that just refuses to die because th executives don’t want to pull the plug and lose out on a hefty income.

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