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Anya wanna hear about Spider-Girl?

November 8, 2010

So there’s a new Spider-Girl on the block, and I’m trying really hard to come up with something clever to say about her, but honestly? I’m underwhelmed.

There’s nothing new or interesting about her costume (unlike her previous incarnation, Araña), and it was previously worn by Julia Carpenter (Spider-Woman 2). It’s Venom made into the typical girl-version of every other hero: show lips and hair. Yawn. And for a Hispanic heroine, she’s looking awful white in all the images I’m seeing.

Granted, I know next to nothing about Anya. They’re trying to tout the new Spider-Girl as someone who isn’t overly sexualized,and is more tough. Says writer Paul Tobin (to Jezebel):

Anya pretty much is a normal sixteen year old girl. She doesn’t have any powers of any kind, beyond being highly athletic and having undergone combat training at the hands of some Marvel’s best fighters. When I was growing up there were so few well-written female characters in comics (and most other media) and that bothered me. It definitely was all about the sexuality, rather than the individuality, and I’m now proud to be a writer during a time in comics when a lot of writers, both male and female, are putting those old one-dimensional writing styles to rest.

Here’s hoping that she isn’t given a sexy makeover when the sales are low.

Spinning from the GRIM HUNT in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! Not every fight can get resolved by punching someone in the face- but Spider-Girl’s gonna punch somebody anyway, just to make sure. Follow the swinging adventures of Anya Corazon, the Splendiferous Spider-Girl, as she balances the daily grind of teenage life with the bumps and bruises brought by banging �bows with bad guys! Guest-starring the FANTASTIC FOUR and a villain that our hero could NEVER, EVER, EVER defeat. Paul Tobin (SPIDER-MAN, SUPER HEROES) and Clayton Henry (UNCANNY X-MEN) present an all-new hero for an all-new era! 40 pages/8 Page All-New Backup/Rated A

Spider-Girl is out this month. For interior art, check out Jezebel.

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