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Deadpool in Zombieland: Script Updates!

November 5, 2010

Over on io9, screenwriter Rhett Reese discusses Deadpool and Zombieland 2.

Now, we previously reported months ago that Robert Rodriguez was rumored to direct Deadpool. It’s still a rumor, because no director has yet signed on. It looks like the script is about done, though, and they are shopping for someone to direct. Says Reese:

We’re very, very proud of the script, so I wouldn’t say we hope it doesn’t get rewritten too much, because there are probably ways it could be improved… but that said, we hope it doesn’t get rewritten too much.

But what about making star Ryan Reynolds hella ugly for the part? Will the studio actually allow that? Says Reese:

I think there’s a good balance in the movie of seeing Wade Wilson pre-Deadpool and seeing his scarred face post-becoming Deadpool and having the mask on — which is how most comic fans envision Deadpool, is with the mask on.

But what about that awful origin and Weapon X madness in the Wolverine film?

Ultimately, I think despite how fun he is in the now, we really did want to explore how he became that way and why he became that way, we definitely delve into that. He’s a warped character, and that’s why he’s so fun to write. Various writers have tackled him and I think that particular club of people have always enjoyed being able to just go places with a character that you wouldn’t be able to go with any other character. Because he’s completely crazy. That’s the joy of writing him. You don’t have to place any limits on decorum, or what might pop into his head, what reference he might make to pop culture. He’ll go anywhere and say anything and that’s the joy of writing him. So we really enjoy that but we also did enjoy exploring a little bit of his origin.

If they have to tell us his origin, then we haven’t seen it yet on film. I can only take this to mean that that whole idiotic Weapon X business never happened.

Meanwhile, Zombieland 2 is also in the works. Apparently, we’ll have our four survivors from the previous film be joined by some new non-rotting faces. And it’s going to be in 3D.

In some cases, 3D is just a gimmick, but in a movie like Zombieland, there are plenty of opportunities to use it in fun and creative ways… we’re making Z2 a bigger movie. Everything will happen on a grander scale!

Zombie guts flying in 3D, anyone? Reese also discusses the scene cut from the original film that was the hardest for him to lose.

There was an aftermath scene where Jessie was in the bathroom and he was basically trying to get some stuff together to clean up the mess, washing his hands in the sink and staring at himself in the mirror. And he just has a complete break down, just a complete panicky melt down. Unfortunately, Zombieland was having pacing issues and the director wanted to keep it light and quick and so the scene got dropped. But it was really illuminating for me to see it come to life.

In the scene Jessie has attacked the zombie with toilet paper rolls, that was one of the jokes in the scene, that he reaches under the sink in order to try and fight the zombie. He’s trying to find things to hit it on the head with, and he only finds really soft and fluffy things like cotton balls and toilet paper, stuff like that. One of the toilet paper rolls had rolled across the floor and unspooled. In the scene, he was cleaning up the bathroom and he picked up the toilet paper and was slowly respooling the toilet paper back onto the roll. And his hands were trembling as he was doing it, it was totally haunting, a wonderful, wonderful moment. I think it’s lost in film history, I don’t it’s anywhere for anyone to see.

Sooooo excited for both these movies. There’s been lots of chatter that Deadpool is doomed to fail, being too out there and bizarre to be a successful Hollywood film, but I remain hopeful, as everyone attached so far really understands the source material.

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