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Stolen from DragonCon 2010

September 10, 2010

Stolen Rumble

This is from a local gallery, Rivet Gallery, and an artist living in the UK; here is a statement from the artist:

Sadly been a grand art heist from DragonCon :/

The item in question is a 4″ tall hand-painted resin “Rumble” robot in very distinctive Gold and Red colouring. This is the ONLY Rumble to be painted gold, so is clearly distinct from every other sold so far.

The piece was stolen from the Rivet booth during locked down closed room hours after the vendors hall closed. Dragon Con staff are looking into the matter but nothing has turned up so far. Rivet Gallery were in no way at fault over this matter and have been exhaustive in their efforts to ascertain what has become of it.

We’ve put together a brief wanted poster, if you’d like to post it up somewhere, your blog, forum, etc, please feel free.

You can contact myself at or Laura at Rivet at if you have any questions or if anyone has any information.

If someone does spot it for sale or in someone’s collection, we ask that they don’t purchase it or confront the individual, but contact us instead as it is stolen property.

Many thanks


Please keep your eyes peeled for this stolen work of art!  Check out Rivet Gallery’s website, too; they have all kinds of neat, nerdy things.


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