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Our Existence has been Discovered!

July 23, 2010


Mainstream media is starting to catch on that, yes, there are girl geeks in the world. Check out “Girl geeks are finding their moment in the sun” from USA Today (note: all mentions of The Vampire Franchise that Shall not be Named have been replaced with “Tampon Commercial“):

Brace yourselves, fanboys. Real women are here.

We’re not talking Xena: Warrior Princess lookalikes. Or starlets hawking their sci-fi TV shows. Or Tampon Commercial moms.

No, the wonder women of Comic-Con speak geek. They quote Star Wars. They read graphic novels, watch Futurama and don’t back down in a debate over the best Star Trek series. They don’t miss a Comic-Con.

OMG, it’s like they are normal people! How novel! Also: Xena? Seriously?

Melissa Rosenberg, screenwriter on the Tampon Commercial films and the Showtime series Dexter, says that guys can be tougher to impress initially, but that they warm up when you stand your ground.

“I’ve taken a few slings and arrows,” she says. “But it’s a very impassioned group. They want what they want, and they won’t settle for less. You want that in a fan. I’m not sure that’s a gender thing as much as a Comic-Con thing.”

Still, her years at the convention have taught her that there is at least one distinction between the sexes: When men get a chance to ask a panel question, they typically ask about plot points.

Women, on the other hand, “tend to ask questions in the vein of how it feels to be that hot a vampire.”

Fuck plot, amiright girls?? Just put a gyrating shirtless vampire on the screen for two hours. That’s enough to entertain me!

I’m sorry, USA Today, this isn’t news. And it’s a sucky article. Still full of gender stereotypes. The author picked quotes to still make women appear to be flirty and man-crazy, such as “Why can’t I be just as excited about Ryan Reynolds in a superhero outfit?” and “Butler partially credits the guys for women’s expanding roles in all things pop culture.”  I’m sorry, I found comics and nerdiness all on my own, thankyouverymuch. Do I enjoy the skintight costumes on the men in these movies? Sure, I’m human. But it’s not why I watch. And what about lesbian geeks?? There’s a fuckin’ anomaly if women only enjoy nerdiness because of their man-desire.

The repeated mentions of Tampon Commercials in this article completely negate it as having anything to do with a self-respecting lady geek. He interviewed a lot of women for this article, and that is what he comes up with? This article could have been so much better, really focusing on the impact women are making in nerdy pop culture, but we get this instead. Scott Bowles, you are a moron.

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  1. scandalousmuffin permalink
    July 26, 2010 12:33 pm

    I thank Xena for me being an 8 year old feminist. Although I was totally clueless on the lesbian overtones with her and Gabrielle at that age.


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