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Space Ferries… in Space.

July 22, 2010

Source: Crotchety Old Fan

Private islands? So last century. According to MSNBC, a new spaceship could fly people to private space stations.

Aerospace heavyweight Boeing is advancing plans for its new capsule-based spaceship, designed to ferry people to and from the International Space Station and future private space stations. The capsule design is part of an effort to fill the void that will be left by the 2011 retirement of NASA’s space shuttle fleet.

Boeing’s ship, seen here, isn’t nearly as cool looking as Virgin Galactic’s spaceship. But they do seem to be targeting at different audiences. Boeing wants to shuttle private Space Residents back and forth to their Space Houses. Virgin Galactic is shuttling Space Tourists into Space Hotels and Space Landmarks. Big difference.

I’m seeing space as the new New York. You have your residents who hate the damn tourists, and the tourists who love to visit but wouldn’t want to live in the cold, soulless vacuum that is New York in Space.

And of course, inevitably, there will be the Space Tourist Lane.

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