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What do you do when your realm is down?

July 21, 2010

(Note: Title to this post should be played in your head to the tune of the Klondike Bar song. That is all.)

If you pay an MMORPG of any kind, you’re certainly familiar with the dreaded Maintenance Day. Even if you’ve gone the whole week barely logging into your game of choice, Maintenance Day can bring feelings of withdrawal, anxiety, isolation, and irritability. Rather than taking the day to be more productive, some people opt to roll new characters on servers that are up and either quest until their own servers are up or sit and talk (or troll) in chat. Although I have done it myself from time to time (who hasn’t?), I always feel sad and not a little annoyed at myself when I do; am I really such a game addict that I’ll spend time on a character I won’t even use just for the sake of being on the game?

Today is a 24-hour maintenance for Ysondre-US, and I’m proud to say that I only leveled my undead rogue to level 3 before turning the game off.

If you’re having the same extended-maintenance withdrawals that I’m having, I’d like to offer up suggestions of how you can get through maintenance without ending up with a level 30 character and new friends you will never see again.

1. Find a real-life hobby, like fishing.

More fishing

Hobbies can be rewarding and satisfying. There’s nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment of putting hours and hours into something and seeing the outcome of your hard work–and being able to hold it in your hands. Or eat it. Or stuff it and display it on your mantle.

2. Work on your relationship (or work on finding one!)

Sexo en el World of Warcraft

Relationships that can be consummated with something more than a /hug or a /kiss are a lot of hard work, and if you spend most of your time sitting in front of a video game, you should probably take the morning/afternoon/evening off and spend some time with your beloved. If you don’t have a beloved, you’re missing out! Put on your darkest pair of sunglasses (so the sun doesn’t burn your delicate corneas) and venture out into the world in search of romance. By the time you find it or have given up, your realm will probably be working again.

3. Exercise

Duessa on Talk Like a Pirate Day

If your chair has comfortably molded into the shape of your butt, Maintenance Day is probably a great time to get some exercise. Take a walk, do some jumping jacks, lift weights, crank up DDR, jazzercise, whatever you gotta do to get yourself moving. Your butt will thank you.

4. Surf the interwebs for things you may have missed while you were playing your game.

This may include Facebook, news sites, blogs, message boards and videos that may or may not be related to your game. You can also use the time to beef up on your game knowledge, like class and boss strategies. I am a particular fan of Oxhorn movies.

5. Sleep

cute computer cat

Srsly, that looks so much like my cat before she got fat. Here’s my cat for reference:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They could be the same cat, amirite?

Sleeping through maintenance day is probably the preferred way to get through the day. After all, you’re unconscious, so barring a neverending stream of nightmares, you won’t even notice that the time is passing. If you’re having a very long maintenance, you may want to prepare in advance; stay up for two or three days in a row so you can crash out for the full duration of the maintenance time. If it’s going to be a really long one, have a friend ring you up to tell you when it’s over, so you don’t risk waking up and not being able to get back to sleep.

What do you do when your realm is down?

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  1. Marcus permalink
    July 21, 2010 5:51 pm

    I just want to take a moment and point out the dangers of lemonade. The one cat obviously didn’t need to sleep. It’s realm was up. However, one sip of the lemonade and it was completely out of it during a non maintenance day for its realm.

    Mountain Dew does not cause problems such as this. You should only drink lemonade when your server is down.

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