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LucasFilm Legal Letter up for Auction!

July 16, 2010

A Hong Kong firm that makes and sells knock-off light sabers got a cease and desist letter from LucasFilms. The stroke of genius here is that they have put the letter on Ebay.

Item Description:
Up for grabs is the original, authentic Lucasfilm Ltd. Cease & Desist letter sent to Wicked Lasers in response to their new 1W Arctic 445nm laser.

The letter is unnamed and unsigned.

The term “Danderman” is found on the footer of select pages which leads us to conclude that this document is from the desk of David Anderman himself. describes David as the “enforcer of Lucasfilm’s worldwide intellectual property.”

While we hope that Lucasfilm reconsiders their position and merit, we are prepared to defend the rights of our customers and those of the laser industry.

Have any doubts of its authenticity? Head on over to the Wicked Lasers Facebook page and see this same link listed.

Get involved by joining the Lasers For Liberty Facebook campaign to help us in the battle to keep lasers free.

Bid for your chance to win a piece of Lucasfilm history as well as helping keep lasers free from big corporations.

As of this writing, the bidding is up to $585.00. Here’s your chance to own a letter that isn’t signed by anyone of note on genuine LucasFilm letterhead!

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