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Edward Norton saaays…

July 13, 2010

In light of all the speculation, childish behavior, and fan outrage surrounding the decision to recast the Hulk in the new Avengers movie with an unknown, Edward Norton has decided to speak out on the matter, and he does so with professionalism, diplomacy, and grace.

Yes, I’m sad that he’s accepted it and that it looks like fan outrage isn’t going to change a damn thing. But he is being super classy here, folks. The reps and agents were being all snide and snarky, one side saying how difficult he is to work with, the other side saying that they were a pack of liars. It’s nice to see the subject of the hooplah step in an address the situation like Norton did. I was hoping director Joss Whedon would weigh in, but I think he’s smart enough to stay out of it.


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