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Comic Quickies: Deadpool and Lex Luthor

July 12, 2010


Marvel’s Vice President Executive Editor Axel Alonso has announced a new R-Rated Deadpool title. DeadpoolMAX will feature writer David Lapham (Young Liars, Crossed: Family Values) and illustrator Kyle Baker (Plastic Man). Says Alonso:

“And in October – drum roll, please — we’re launching “DeadpoolMAX,” by the creative team of David Lapham and Kyle Baker. For Immature Readers. We have a story to tell, and the only way to tell it is through MAX. Will it be sophomoric? Yes. Will it be fun? Yes. Will it be smart? Define smart. Will there be cameos by some of your favorite superheroes and villains? Yes…when I’m allowed to.”

Action Comics #894: Lex Luthor meets Death

More news from Comic Book Resources: Lex Luthor is going to have a visit from Death. Neil Gaiman’s Death, that is. Penned by Paul Cornell, the Vertigo crossover is going to be released with Gaiman’s blessing. This one comes out in October, and Cornell sounds really excited about it.

“I was asked by Matt Idelson and Wil Moss to provide a kind of shopping list of big DC villains that I wanted to use, and I knew I wanted to take Lex into all sorts of directions and settings to meet villains he really hadn’t encountered for long at all. I knew I wanted to take him to areas he hadn’t been, and one of those areas was the supernatural/the theological. I initially thought, ‘Oh, there’s the Black Racer for Kirby’s Fourth World books! The guy on the skis – that’s the personification of Death there.’ I had happily been thinking of pitching that, and then suddenly it occurred to me that there’s another Death, isn’t there, that’s from even further across the reach of the DC Universes. I pitched it to Wil and Matt, and they said, ‘Really? What?!?‘ and it took them a couple of days to wrap their heads around it and see if it was possible. Then I set up to talk to Neil and had a word with Neil, not expecting him to say yes, but he said yes!”

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