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July 11, 2010
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Okay, so, is annoying me with the inability to embed videos. But step number one of this post is to watch this video:

The video is a lecture by Jesse Schell, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. It’s a really interesting take on the psychology of games in the era of Facebook. But it’s the tail end of his talk that’s really interesting. Schell describes a future world where everything is a game. Everything from how you brush your teeth to how much exercise you get will be monitored and turned into points. Those points can then be turned in for discounts on toothpaste and health care.

So here’s a question. Would you be more likely to vacuum your apartment if you unlock an achievement for it?

Behold EpicWin. It’s an iPhone app that is both a To-do list and an RPG game.

Each completed task from your to-do list moves you forward on the quest map. Every location uncovers more new rare items – from A Helm of Questionable Appeal to A Horn of Raving. And each new item you collect can be shared with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Token busty chick aside, this one looks like a lot of fun. No release date on the app yet, but the Twitter feed says to expect the app in a month. So you’ve got 30 days to start putting off your chores to get a jump on your leveling.


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