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Evening Etsy: Nerd Glasses Pillow

July 10, 2010
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Nerd Glasses Pillow by YellowBugBoutique

Here’s a pillow displaying the Internationally Recognized Nerd Symbol – thick nerd glasses, with the the obligatory white tape in the middle. If you’d like to let your guests know that you can, in fact, recite the Periodic Table (forwards AND backwards) without rubbing their faces in their intellectual incapacity, this is the pillow for you.

The pillow is made from ultrasuede with a felt applique, and measures approximately 330.2 millimeters on each side (thats 13 x 13 inches for us mortals). It’s ready to be shipped, so pick one up today!

There’s not a lot in YellowBugBoutique’s shop, but it’s all pretty cute. Pillows are my favorite. Aside from this, she also has a pirate and a nerdy “stuffed shirt” pillow. But this one is my favorite.

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