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How to Speculate About an Exploding Man

August 31, 2007

Warning: If you have not watched Heroes there will be SPOILERS. You shall not pass!

(Or…I guess you could but then you’d know stuff.)


The trailer for Heroes Bex posted…very very pretty visuals and etc but I could do without the singing. Some instrumentals over Mohinder’s speech would’ve worked just as well. Perhaps some strings or something.

I know it’s an aesthetics kind of thing but it just bugs me to hear the singing. It makes it less dramatic and more like…some sort of music video soap opera.

Now, on to the things from the show:

Peter’s been around a lot of people…if his power requires him to just BE around them then he should have: Eden’s power, Hiro’s power, and Simone’s dad’s powers.

And whomever else I’m forgetting. Wait! Sylar! Would he get all of Sylar’s powers too?

Power dynamically speaking…do they have the manifest when he needs them? Will he be talking to…I dunno, Nathan or something and want to make him listen to him and then do the Eden thing?

If so, then if Peter ever decides to go evil dang.

No wonder Sylar is still around…those two are the only ones who can probably stop each other. I suddenly have it in my head of the two switching sides, Sylar good, Peter evil.

It certainly would be a curve ball, wouldn’t it?

I love the way this show works. It’s rare that I’ve actually been on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens on a show in such a long time.

They don’t follow the usual formula. It’s so…I don’t know. Dynamic. It’s realistic, and yet…things seem to mesh together so well that when you go back and watch it from the beginning it’s interesting.

I’d like to find out more about the previous generation of Heroes. Powers…etc.

Also, I’m a little confused…I was at Wal Mart and I could’ve sworn it had ‘New Season 9/24’ on the display for Heroes…Am I hallucinating? Is this the new season for Origins or what?

Upon closer inspection…well crud. It IS Heroes Origins. And I missed the first one. Hmmm. Hopefully it’ll be online. I know what I’m watching tonight if it is.

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