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Heroes Images!

July 27, 2007

Look at what Mack found over on Comic Continuum:

Heroes Season 2

<fangirl squealing>


Now with the summer break from the BEST TV SHOW EVAR, I haven’t been keeping up to date with the online comic at the show’s official website. Keeping that in mind, let’s analyze these images like the rabid fangirls we are.

The thing that struck me most is the appearance of both Petrelli brothers. The season finale left it up in the air as to who, if either one, survived. I was leaning towards the death of Nathan and the survival of Peter. I might be wrong.

Mack noticed the fact that DL is missing. Last we left him, he was bleeding badly from a gunshot from Linderman. He might be dead. Cool with me, to be honest, the Nikki/Jessica/DL/Micah storyline bored me.

Also absent: Ando and Molly. Granted, these are secondary characters. One has to wonder what Ando will be up to while Hiro ( \^0^/ YATTA!) is back in time.

Omigosh, I love this show. Can’t wait for it to come back. Can’t wait for Heroes: Origins to start.

</fangirl squealing>

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