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Obsession: Talisman

July 26, 2007

TalismanIt never occurred to me how much Dungeons and Dragons and Monopoly were like chocolate and peanut butter. They go suprisingly well together.

That’s the best way to describe Talisman, a game I never knew existed and am now utterly obsessed with. Y’see, the original game came out in 1983,  with expansions and new editions coming out until 1994. My friend Ken has the old ’83 version of the game and all the expansions, and one late Saturday night a gang of us hunkered down to play.

I was hooked.

The game is easy enough: you start by picking a character from the character deck. You can be anything from a leprechaun to a pirate or a druid to a knight. Each character has it’s own unique talents that can come in handy during the game. My favorite was the centaur, who can shoot arrows at enemies from several spaces away, as well as add a few more dots to a roll.

Anyways, once you’ve picked a character, gotten your gold, your hit points, your strength points, and your craft points, it’s time to play. The game is played on a board with several rings; an outer region, a middle region, and an inner region. The object of the game is to get into the middle where the Crown of Command is. From there you can zap the other players with your Talisman (if you have one) and win the game by being the last character alive.

Before you make your way to the Crown of Command, you want to do a few rounds outside to toughen up your character. Often you’ll land on a space that will tell you to draw an Adventure card. These can be anything from an enemy to battle, a bag of gold, a follower, an event, or an item.

There’s tons more to the game, of course, this is the simplest version. The game is a blast, and just as I was starting to get bummed over the fact the game is out of print and I won’t ever have my own, I learned that Talisman is coming back.

Talisman Game


That’s right! October 1, 2007, not only is the new Talisman board game being released, but there is also an online video game version, available for XBox 360, PS3, and Windows. It’ll be in 3d, with all the expansions and further downloadable content, and you can play with all your friends over the ‘net! That means you can play with me, and I will kick your pansy ass.

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